is a Non-Profit organization with a clear goal:

We want to support businesses, teams and individuals in creating a fun and positive work environment in which people have a sense of connection, meaning and ownership. 

In a world that is changing faster and faster in which our economy has long changed form an industrial era to a knowledge/ digital one.  Except our view of labor hasn’t changed at all! Our common view is that results are paramount, and the work-wage exchange is the most efficient way to organize and motivate our workplace.

Our added value is to assist in this transformation

The Self-Governance way of working

The way we aspire to achieve our goal is simple, in a 3-step approach we wish to support the transition that is needed.



Connecting people with a shared desire/ experiences

Creating a platform/ community in which everyone can share experiences, knowledge and views about autonomy related subjects.


Connecting people with knowledge and support

Making a robust network of all the available knowledge (books, content), best practices, training and advice organizations so that everyone has direct access to relevant help they need


Researching a deeper insight how autonomy works and how we can achieve to full human potential

Through our business model, we invest our profits in research that aims to increase our knowledge in the human potential. Research in motivation, autonomy, workplaces etc.