is a Non-Profit organisation, which invest in research and platforms in order to assist businesses, teams and individuals in more autonomy.

Our declaration

We believe that every individual should have the right to pursue autonomy and mastery in their jobs in order the realize their full potential and have a meaningfull and  joyfull worklife.


The team:

Our team is ever expanding, and we are currently working in three countries across Europe. Our organization is based on an autonomous way of working. We have no CEO, board of directors etc. everyone contributes through their unique set of skills and talents.

Do you wish to join our team? Send us a video what your drive is and how can support you. (

My drive is making the world a better place, one person at a time!

I have 16 years’ experience in customer management. And together with my team we have transformed a traditional call-center to a fully autonomous customer care center. In which the employees make all the decisions and are fully in control. The impact this has made in my life and the live of all my colleagues is profound.

My drive is to create a movement in which we spread joyful and meaning in the workplace.

Nicolas Smoolenaars

I want to facilitate people in reaching their full potential. Together we can create a work environment in which people receive more respect and responsibility in their work

Andrew Man


I want to make people happy using communication.  One article can have profound impact and create a different emotion in each reader. At I want to reach out to people and create a sense of pride in their work through words.

#be proud of yourself

Irene klompien


Connecting people with socially relevant content. When we understand each other better we start to create a better world. I want to bring a positive energy and make knowledge sharing fun!

Marc Klein