Researching a deeper insight how autonomy works and how we can achieve to full human potential

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The effects of autonomy in the sport

Together with Top Volleyball Zwolle, a Volleyball team in the Dutch premier league, and the W1NNEN foundation, we are testing the effect of a 100% self-organizing team at the highest division.

  • Personalized training, effects of purposeful training
  • Creating a line-up without a coach
  • 11 coaches: Team Dynamics in a game

100% Self scheduling in contact centre

The contact Centre workplace is a fiercely regulated environment with a strong indsutrial view of the workplace.   Together with Coniche we are conducting a research in a call Centre (250 seats) in which the employees have the freedom to make their own schedules and have the responsibility to achieve the service levels.

The research focus areas are:

  • Creating a living system: how the wisdom of the crowd (250+ persons) can influence the service levels
  • Impact of more responsibility and freedom on the employee promotor score (EPS)
  • Impact on resources and benefits of the new scheduling process

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